Choosing the Best Baby Formula for Your Baby

Breast milk is the best type of baby milk. It is the recommended by all health professional and the World Health Organization. But it is not always the case that breast feeding is possible.

Specially there are times that the mother is sick after birth or the baby needs to be incubated for a while and could not be breastfed. Another case would be the mother is a working mom and her schedule can’t allow her to breastfeed. Another dilemma is what stroller to choose for your baby, good thing you can go to COMPARINGSTROLLERS.COM to check out the best stroller comparison.

Whatever reason is we can always use a baby formula for our baby. There is a lot to choose from, there is a whole variety from soy baby formula to organic baby formula. The question is what would you choose and what is the best for your baby?

What to Choose?

There are two types of baby formula, these are milk based and soy formula based. The milk based is actual cow’s milk until 1 year old. It has been broken down and been modified so that the baby can easily digest it. Scientist have done their best to develop a formula that resembles breast milk as close as possible. So, these baby formulas contain nutrients and minerals that your baby needs. The nutrients from milk formula is taken from cow’s milk and is adapted specially for your baby’s immature digestion system.

Please watch out if your family has lactose intolerance, usually if your family has a history of milk allergy there is a higher percentage that your baby has it. If your family has this allergy, you can use soy formula. This formula is based in soya and contains many added vitamins and minerals. You may have to check with your health care provider to make sure that you are giving your baby the most suitable formula for your baby.

When you finally made your choice, you should make sure that the type of formula of your choice is suitable for your baby’s age. Most of baby formula are sold by stages. Normally first stage can be up to six months, second stage is until a year and the third stage is up to over a year. These stages are made so that the baby can receive the right nutrient according to they stage of development. It is highly recommended to stick with the correct formula stage. It can lead to constipation if you switch stage too early.

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